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Laundry Etiquette and Tips

Doing laundry in a college dorm is an experience to say the least. You will be sharing a small number of washers and dryers with a few hundred people, and due to that fact, doing your laundry can be even more of a chore than it already is. However, here are a few tips to make doing laundry in the dorm slightly more bearable.

SET TIMERS. Most loads take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete (this goes for each cycle; washing + drying). Once you start a load, set a timer on your phone so you remember to tend to your laundry.
FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. If you already know how to do your own laundry, great, but be attentive to how the machines in your residence hall work. There are normally sheets posted in the laundry room on how to work the washers and dryers. Don't be the guy/gal that floods the 3rd floor...
DO NOT MOVE LAUNDRY THAT ISN'T YOURS. Yes, it is very tempting to take a dormant load out of the last available machine, but don't do it. You wouldn't want anyone else to…

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