Things to do in Huntsville

Moving to a new area can be challenging in many different ways. One thing you may not think about is learning the area, and I don't just mean learning your way around. When I say learning the area, I mean learning about what places are good to eat, what there is to do, and things like that.
This list has been compiled with the help of other SHSU Terry Scholars, fellow SHSU students, SHSU alumni, SHSU parents, and Huntsville natives! We hope it helps!

Places to Eat (Off Campus):
  • Yummy Yummy
  • City Hall Cafe
  • Farmhouse
  • Farmhouse Sweets and Eats
  • Potato Shack
  • Toasted
  • Humphrey's
  • Eclectic Coffeehouse
  • Mr. Hamburger
  • Los Pericos
  • Mama Juanita's
  • Margarita's
  • Donut Wheel
  • Church BBQ (Thursday-Saturday Only)
  • Five Loaves Deli
Places for Dessert:
  • Baking Sweet Memories 
  • 3 Spoons
Places to Go/Things to Do:
  • Duck Pond
  • Huntsville State Park
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Huntsville Lanes (local bowling alley)
  • Sam Houston Statue
  • Prison Museum
  • Sam Houston Museum
  • Antique Shopping/Exploring Downtown
  • Cinestar ($5 or less for a movie)
  • Avenue L Coffee House (Open Thursday evenings only, open mic)
  • Eclectic Coffeehouse
Within about an hour of driving:
  • The Woodlands
  • College Station
  • Buc-ee's in Madisonville
Events in Huntsville:
  • Music Festival (in April)
  • Scare on the Square (in October)


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