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College Study Tips

College Study Tips By: Bianca Vela, 2017 Transfer Scholar  With classes now beginning and exams are soon approaching, here are a few study tips that might be helpful for you to try and hopefully find which form of studying works best for you. 1. Notecards, these can be helpful when remembering concepts and key words from chapters and during lecture. 2.  Try color coordinating your notes. Using a specific color to identify key terms, places, events, and dates. 3. Make sure to give yourself enough time to prepare for your test! Cramming for an exam may not be the best option or risk to take, instead give yourself a week before to study all the parts of the material. 4. Prepare for class and print or download all the notes for that day of class/lecture. this will be helpful to add any additional notes or comments the professor says but didn't not put on her powerpoint slides. 5. Go to review days! These days are the most important, because the professor always opens

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